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The Lube Shooter - Red

Anal Lubes, Creams, Gels & Sprays


The Lube Shooter - Red

Back by popular demand, The Stockroom is proud to announce the production and master distribution of the best-selling Lube Shooter! Available exclusively from The Stockroom, each Lube Shooter blister pack contains 3 Red disposable plastic applicator tips and 1 plunger which are compatible with all types of lube, including hard-to-handle creams and gels. The easy-to-clean design makes the Lube Shooter versatile and practical as the wide array of colors available also lends itself to color-coding for safe and sanitary play. · Applicator measures 5in/12.7cm from base to tip · Applicator measures 1in/2.54cm in circumference · Plunger measures 4 in/10.16cm from base to tip · Plunger measures 1/2 in/1.27cm in circumference