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Flore Glass Diletto

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Flore Glass Diletto

Flore is a bedroom essential for those who are even the slightest bit curious. Its 1.6 inch wide tapered bulb quickly narrows to a 1-inch width and is followed by a flared base. A close look at the tip reveals the reflection of a treasure hidden within Flore's glass flower, for which it was named, pressed into the base of the plug.

Flore's solid Borosilicate makings provide a perfect, smooth, frictionless surface, a desirable quality in a plug. With a little encouragement it slides into place to change the perspective of the receiver. While many men enjoy Flore, it is more often women who discover the greatest delight. This solid, rigid piece kept in place during regular play creates an intense feeling of fullness and tighter confines for both. Its shape forces him, or any toy, to press up against the G-Spot to amplify pleasure.

Included: Padded, embroidered Love Style Diletto Pouch, free ($15 value).

All Love Style Dilettos carry a no questions asked Lifetime Warranty.

What is a Diletto? The word Dildo, defined as a 'penis substitute', is a crude and inaccurate name for our sensual toys. The word Dildo, however, is thought to have derived its origins from the Italian word, Diletto, which actually means delight, satisfaction, pleasure, joy and much more. This, we can relate to. Love Style Dilettos are definitely NOT penis substitutes - they offer sensations and pleasures that are so totally different whether savored on your own or, often better, with a partner who understands the rapture that a Love Style Diletto can deliver.

- Weight: 5.4 oz (155 grams)
- Length: 3 in (7.6 cm)
- Circ. (min/max): 3.5 in (8.3 cm) / 5 in (12.7 cm)

Material: SOLID Borosilicate Glass, Medical Grade, ISO Certified, FDA Approved, Non-Porous
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Warranty: Lifetime - All Perils

Love Style Glass Dilettos feel like silk once lubricated with absolutely NO friction. And yet the contrast of their rigidity allows every texture, every shape to be experienced. The rigidity of Love Style Dilettos makes many of the styles absolutely PERFECT for G-Spot play. Further, the feeling of penetration and fullness from Love Style Glass Toys is unlike anything else. Try one and you will collect many. Love Style Dilettos are the safest, cleanest, healthiest adult toys on the market... period.